To travel is to live

*PAN* Antique Pewter Candelabra (The Secret Affair) VOID – Risto Set (Deco(c)rate – June) • Table • Chair MI MegRose Vineyards Table (Deco(c)rate – June) BackBone Venice Bed (Deco(c)rate – June) Dahlia – La Dolce Vita Set (Deco(c)rate – June) • Cannoli & St. Joseph Pastry Platter • Espresso Tray

It’s a new dawn

Happy almost TGIF! My blogging vacation/break begins tomorrow and I could not be more excited. My creative batteries are in need of recharging, so I am stepping away for a month (minus Summerfest, of course) to just enjoy being with friends and learning new things in both worlds. When I

Vacation calories don’t count

Fancy Decor: Breakfast Bistro set (Collabor88) • Coffee • Coffee Carafe • Egg Cup • Egg Cup (soft boiled) • Fork • Glass Soft & Pepper Shakers • Knife • Mimosa • Napkin Holder • Plate of Toast • Spoon • Strawberry Preserves • Toast Stand • Wire Bistro Chair

It’s not what we have, but who we have

I get it that summery equals bright, sunny colors and that pools generally involve equally bright, playful colors…but I have to admit that they hurt my eyes after awhile. Give me an understated and sophisticated color palette any day! Which is why, I guess, I always go ga-ga over hive’s

You say it best when you say nothing at all

This new set from ..::THOR::.. brought out all kinds of memories and emotions for me – isn’t it funny how even mesh can do that? I swear I can almost smell the campfire here… The Brotherhood set is available now at TMD and includes a variety of beer bottles, plus

Life is your mixtape

Have you been to The Arcade yet? If not, now is the perfect time – no wait to get in! I have lots of Arcade goodies featured here and, as always, the full gacha keys are below the credits for you to take a peek. The rustic mirrors on the

Wishin’ and hopin’

Everyone needs a special corner they can cuddle up in and let their mind wander. This is mine ♥ We’ve got some Collabor88 goodies today, along with FLF (don’t worry, these items are out til Sunday night, though). First up is this adorable round lounger from brocante. plus the floorplan.

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