Try a little tenderness

We have quite a lot of items to feature today, so I’ll direct you to the credits below. I would like to draw attention to the coffee machine, though – it’s functional and really fun to use! There’s a menu you can scroll through (just clicking, no huds) and choose

A summer state of mind

We have more from Builder’s Box, Deco(c)rate and the Home & Garden Expo today! I’ve included interior shots of the build down below for ya. Happy Decorating! Raindale – Longhaven Cottage (Builder’s Box – May) DaD Shabby Chic Rocking Chair (Deco(c)rate – May) :[P]:– Shannia Picnic Set (Deco(c)rate – May)

Cool drink of water, such a sweet surprise

You know you spend a lot of time inworld when you get ridiculously excited over a grocery bag. But, I mean, this is a GREAT bag, right?? I love that it’s clear and I love that you can hold it and I love that there’s a texture change HUD (plus

Beauty shines from the inside out

Happy Saturday, everyone! I stayed up for the royal wedding last night/this morning, so my body isn’t sure whether it should be pushing through the day or sleeping right now. Fun times 🙂 Illuminate opened yesterday and the Home & Garden Expo opened today, so I thought it would be

The one who loves you most

I am happy to show off some gorgeous goodness from hive and Scarlet Creative today. These two talented ladies teamed up for Collabor88 – SC made the build and hive made the furniture/lights/plants to go with it ♥ The modular seating comes with both white and dark wood, plus each

At least it’s a dry heat

TGIF to all my European followers! I’ll be there in 5 hours or so! We have lots of goodies today, so I will dive right in. ..::THOR::.. released this GORGEOUS gacha set at Kustom9 that pairs beautifully with his 6 Republic set, also. I grew up in and near the

Your smile sets me on my way

Happy Hump Day! Hope everyone’s week is going well 🙂 Our weather at home has been quite….moody I guess would be the word for it. Rainy one minute, sunny the next, never quite sure how it’ll be an hour from now. One of my favorite things is that minute the

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