Harvest Light

harvest scene.png

Serenity Style– Hopathia Autumn Tree (The Liaison Collaborative)
tarte. victorian tree swing (Collabor88)
Patio Set Sapporo * CHEZ Moi (ON9 – opens 11/9)
N4RS Valkenberg Wall set (FaMESHed)
dust bunny . harvest . lumberjack stump
..::THOR::.. 9- The Flying Leaves


  1. Moz Loordes says:

    That’s so beautiful Trixie, do you use the LUMIpro or your own Windlights?


    • Thank you, Moz! I just use my own, but I’ve been eyeing LUMIpro lately. Do you recommend it?


      • Moz Loordes says:

        I’ve never used it before, Trixie, but like you I am wondering if I can get better results. I have a good grounding in graphics programs and I use my own Windlights and also work in Photoshop. Several H&G blogging friends do use LUMIpro and they can get effects where the light falls into a room from a window very naturally, I can’t do that even with my current Photoshop add-ons. But it’s a lot of lindens when you’re on a small hobby budget, so things for and against.


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