Girl Boss

peaches girl boss.png

.peaches. Stand By You Papasan Chair (N21)
Fancy Decor: Callot Collection (Uber)
• Callot Cabinet
• Callot Mirror
• Pinecone Candle
• Stack of Books II
floorplan. neon girl boss (N21)
MudHoney Briley Sofa set (VIP gift)
uk – Simply Said gacha set
• Bee’s Knees RARE
• Karma RARE
• Epic Shit
• Be Water
MudHoney Layla Lattice Art
Fancy Decor: Ladder Shelf v. 2
+ILO+ Remnants Skybox
malone. jade rug (texture change)
malone. boho console
malone. bex rug (texture change)
ionic – Make/Want/Sleep – Light Box
*ionic* Autum notes & hot coffee!
HIDEKI – Apartment Plant
:HAIKEI: Gave Your Love Away_GACHA / {2}
:HAIKEI: look through the window gacha {2}
The Loft & ARIA – Troubadour Potted Fern Wicker
The Loft & Aria – Zoete Potted Plant
[ARIA] Diedra deco old books
BALACLAVA!! Books [vertical A]
BALACLAVA!! Paperbacks [Type06]


  1. Moz Loordes says:

    Oh, another lovely Trixie special! Hope you had a nice Holiday break, my friend 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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