winter porch2.png

brocante. farm bucket set & mailbox (Fifty Linden Friday 12/22)
llorisen // decorative sled (Fifty Linden Friday 12/22)
Serenity Style– Johanna Wooden Reindeer (W.A.N.T. group gift)
{vespertine} upcycled swing seat set (mainstore)
MudHoney Grace Rocking Chair (Deco(c)rate – October)
dust bunny . welcome mat . home sweet home . group gift
[[RH]] TOBIISHI -stepping stone- (D) Moss
N4RS Valkenberg Wall Unit – Metal
Keys Bungalow by Galland Homes
hive // pinecone display
hive // extra pots
hive // vintage garden hose cart unraveled
hive // fall bin
hive // ranger rick’s truck RARE
hive // basket of mini pumpkins . spilled
hive // butter churn [closed]
hive // dark string lights angled . complete
hive // wooden christmas tree [green]

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