Take a little time for tea


[Kres] Chandelier (Deco(c)rate – January ’18)
llorisen // wilby pied-a-tierre skybox.gold edition (Deco(c)rate – January ’18)
MudHoney Audrey Entry (Deco(c)rate – January ’18)
• Audrey Ottoman – Mauve
• Audrey Vase L
• Audrey Vase S
• Audrey Sconce – Bronze
• Audrey Table – Gray
Fancy Decor: Wallace Collection (Collabor88)
• Wallace Chair
• Wallace Artwork
• Wallace Table
• Wallace Vase
(Milk Motion) floral buffalo skull (Collabor88)
(Milk Motion) floral chandelier (Collabor88)
NOMAD // Classic Peonies (Collabor88)
NOMAD // Sepia Peonies (Collabor88)
NOMAD // Moody Peonies (Collabor88)
Kalopsia – Gold & Roses – full set (Collabor88)
dust bunny . woodland dreams . doughnut cake
dust bunny . happy hour tray
dust bunny . woodland dreams . rosey suitcase
[Tia] Junebug Teacup Stack – Multi
Apple Fall Enamel Teapot carafe
5.DRD MB rug round red

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