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Savannah Bath Vanity by Galland Homes (Ultra)
Dahlia – Piper’s Handbag Gacha set (Epiphany) **see gacha key below**
• Dahlia – Piper’s Handbag – RARE .01
• Dahlia – Piper’s Handbag Gacha – Compacts & Foundation .07
• Dahlia – Piper’s Handbag Gacha – Perfume & Lipgloss .06
• Dahlia – Piper’s Handbag Gacha – Lipstick, mascara & Cream .05
• Dahlia – Piper’s Handbag Gacha – Makeup bag & Wallet – .02
• Dahlia – Piper’s Handbag Gacha – Phone & Keys .03
*LODE* Decor – Philadelphus Vase
MudHoney Cooper Vanity Mirror
Second Spaces – Bathroom Clutter – recycled medicine cabinet
Second Spaces – Bathroom Clutter – bottles of beauty
Apple Fall Bath Brushes in Milk Glass Jar
Apple Fall Bathroom Lotions
Apple Fall Victoria Clawfoot Tub – Iron
{vespertine} – towels & pink sleepymask.
The Loft – Oriana Towel Holder R
Nutmeg. Wooden Stool With Towels
[Tia] Sylvia Bathroom – Gold Veil Canopy


Dahlia - Piper's Handbag - Gacha Key


  1. Moz Loordes says:

    Darn! How am I going to get my blog post looking as good as this?!


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