la buvette

serenity coffee shopSL.png

Serenity style– la buvette gacha set (PocketGacha) **see gacha key below**
Ex Machina – Pipe Dreams (Cosmopolitan)
7 – 25 Cent Shots
Ex Machina – The Reflector – Projector Lamp
BackBone Penny-Farthing Clock – Copper (Man Cave)
Peaches ‘N Cream – Basic As Fuck. Fuckboy Say What? gacha set (The Epiphany) **see gacha key below**
CHEZ MOI Kensington Collection (Shiny Shabby)
BALACLAVA!! Vintage Vending Machine (Aspirin) (Fifty Linden Friday 1/19)
MudHoney Joan Rug runner
Schultz Bros. 12. Muffin Tray
Schultz Bros. 10. Bagel Tray
Schultz Bros. 13. Syrup Pack 1
Schultz Bros. 16. Paper Towels
Schultz Bros. 16. Drive Thru Register
Schultz Bros. 03. Pastry Case
Schultz Bros. 22. Sleeve Tray
Schultz Bros. 19. Muffins To-Go Full Box


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