All Things New

I’ve been kicking around the idea of adding a brief commentary to each post for awhile now and this seems as good a time to begin as any 🙂

I quite literally dropped what was I doing the second I saw this Fancy Decor/Commoner collaboration advertised for C88. How could you not completely fall in love with these colors?? They feel crisp, clean, fresh…everything that signifies change and new beginnings. Which pretty much sums up my year so far, coincidentally. As I was putting the scene together, it naturally fell into a celebratory theme and I was so happy to use these gorgeous balloons from hive, also. The texturing on them is just beautiful and they respond so well to light. Add in Apple Fall’s Paris backdrop and it’s basically my dream living room ♥

Happy Decorating!

fd modine.png

Fancy Decor & Commoner: Modine Collection (Collabor88)
• Accent Chair
• Cloud Sofa
• Coffee Table
• Drapes
• Droplet Table
• Easel Lamp
• Floor Lamp
• Glass Decanters
• Nut Dish
• Pillow (Geo)
• Pillow (Ornaments)
• Pillow (Solid)
• Round Tray
• Rug
• Side Table
• Umbrella Stand
• Vase of Daisies
hive // celebration balloons set
[ zerkalo ] Grand Piano
Ariskea [Ophelia] Succulent
Ariskea [Ophelia] Fake Plant
dust bunny . hoya plant
The Loft & Aria – Live Simply
Apple Fall Paris Apartment (fin)

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