The little things? The little moments? They aren’t little.

I’ve been researching my family genealogy lately. It was fairly easy to make headway quickly at first – records have been digitized for quite awhile now and sites like are a gold mine of information. As I was going my merry way collecting data about my grandmother, though, I stopped dead in my tracks. These impersonal dates and facts were her life. I began remembering the stories she told me about different moments that are now recorded on the family tree as a ‘life event’. A verbal history passed down like so many before and after her. I was stunned as I processed my place in all of it, while idly rolling a locket she gave me through my fingers.

Little moments, little things, little stories, little memories…things that make a person’s history. None of it is little.

I hope you’re inspired by this exquisite array of collected treasures ♥


[ keke ] rosehips
[ zerkalo ] Shabby Chic Jewelry Box (Deco(c)rate – February)
[ zerkalo ] Shabby Chic Jewelry, Roses & Letters (Deco(c)rate – February)
ACORN Wall Fountain -Aged
MadMatch Candle – Heart
Dahlia – Provence set (Enchantment)
• Chipped Teacup
• Rose Cloche
• Hand Mirror
Tuesdays Wall Drawers – Natural (Enchantment)
Tuesdays Secret Boxes – Beauty (Enchantment)
[ zerkalo ] Weights and Measure of Love (Gacha Garden) **see gacha key below **
• Coffee Boxes & Horse
• Cup w/Jewels
• Cup w/Roses
• Cups Lamp
• Scales – RARE
• Violin Wine Rack
• Wooden Heart Candle
• Wooden Hearts
Apple Fall Loose Heart String w/ Scissors
*LODE* Decor – Gladiolus Vase [peach]
*LODE* Decor – Bougainvillea Vase [red]
*LODE* Deco – Milk Pitcher
*LODE* Decor – Phlox in Jar [violet]
dust bunny . spring reading


[ zerkalo ] Weights and Measures of Love - Gacha Key

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