The Witch Queen

The dark side is so much fun to play with. I’m speaking of styling, of course 😉 Today’s post is a little darker themed than my norm, and I had a blast building it. I started with DRD’s Spiritualist shop and a few decor items from that set in order to create the scene for Ex Machina’s new portable VooDoo set. This is a prize for MadPea’s new Nightmare in New Orleans game and the details are just incredible. It’s all one piece, so no worries about keeping everything linked, and the texturing is just stunning. You can grab the hud and play the game using the url and slurl linked below.

Llorisen is also participating in FLF again this week (yay!) and is offering an antique easel and cloth covered painting. I just adore Elsa’s wood textures and this easel does not disappoint. The cloth on the painting is a fun detail that adds to the slightly abandoned/neglected look I was going for. All in all, it’s a fabulous deal for fabulous products.

Happy decorating!

em voodoo2.png

Marie Laveau portable VooDoo set by Ex Machina for MadPea (Nightmare in New Orleans game)
llorisen // antique easel (Fifty Linden Friday 2/16)
llorisen // cloth covered painting (Fifty Linden Friday 2/16)
:HAIKEI: Black roof brick house gacha {1}
DRD – Spiritualists Shoppe – Pentagram Chime – Ceiling Hook
DRD – Spiritualists Shoppe – Storefront
DRD – Spiritualists Shoppe – Seance Table
DRD – Spiritualists Shoppe – Potions Shelf – Full
Concept} 04.Hemingway.Carpet

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