Just Breathe

I live in an area where the sun is a distant memory 5-6 months out of the year. It was incredibly difficult to get used to, coming from the desert, but there’s a certain coziness that comes into play when you rely on interior lighting 24/7. I think that’s why I’m drawn to such warm tones with bits of light. I would gladly occupy the space in this photo 🙂

Featured today are 2 Shiny Shabby and 1 Cosmopolitan release.  Mesh India has the beautiful dresser set in the corner (full gacha key is linked below) as well as the brighter pillows on the floor – don’t you just love that pop of color? [ keke ]’s study collection can be seen under the loft and comes with many different color options for both the desk and the chair, as well as several ‘clutter’ items to add extra touches to your space. Simple elegance at its’ finest. Rounding out the scene is Serenity Style’s CeceGy bed and lamp set. The blanket scoots down when you click it (who doesn’t love interactive furniture?) and the knit texture looks so soft and inviting. I esp love the little electrical outlet detail on the lamp.

Happy Decorating!

keke office small.png

Serenity Style-CeceGy Series (Shiny Shabby)
• Bed
• Lamp
MI Palani Decor gacha set (Cosmopolitan) **see gacha key below**
• Pillow Decor
• Stay Clever Little Fox
• Pots Decor
• Sridevi Wall Decor
• Chair & Basket Decor
• Wooden Table Decor
[ keke ] study collection (Shiny Shabby)
• clipped papers .fishy
• office chair .wood
• organizer desk .black
• rug 43 .deer .verdigris
• seven secrets
• the psychopath
Ariskea[Corine] set
• Chrysanthemum [soft rose]
• Lantern
PLAAKA Atelier (The Arcade)
Soy. Reed Screen [Sudare] Dark -Down
llorisen // trois pillows (2 pers.).mono
Apple Fall Atelier Pendant Lamp

mesh india

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