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This was a rough weekend for me. One sleepless night causes quite the domino effect these days and it’s difficult to recover. I took some ‘alone’ time this evening to unpack and organize my To Do list and felt the creative juices begin to flow again. Here’s to a better Sunday 🙂

Illuminate opens later today (the 18th) and boasts the distinction of being the only 100% Home & Garden event. I have really been impressed with the quality and creativity of the items being released and I hope you take some time to drop by. Today I’m featuring RJD’s Miles End Bungalow and a cute bureau/frames set from Tuesdays for Illuminate. The bungalow is a loft style build with plenty of open space, a full wall of windows and a spacious front porch. The bureau from Tuesdays comes in a mega pack that has all kinds of texturing options, plus some adorable photo frames.

The Land of Rainbows Easter Hunt opens on the 23rd of this month – trust me when I say this is one of the better hunts I’ve seen. The creator list and the items they are offering are truly impressive! Today I’m featuring 3 items for the Hunt: 1. Fancy Decor’s desk & chair set, 2. Serenity Style’s Not Without My Egg and 3. Dahlia’s Teacup Eggs (available in 3 color options).

Rounding out today’s releases is Cheeky Pea’s love seat for Kustom9. This love seat is perfect for spring in a bright rose color – and the photos hanging on strings are a fun, creative way to display memories.

Happy Decorating!

rdj bungalow2.png

RJD Miles End Bungalow (Illuminate)
:CP: Photo as Art Strings (Kustom9)
:CP: Vibrant Rose Loveseat (Kustom9)
Dahlia – Sunday – Teacup Eggs (Land of Rainbows Hunt – begins 3/24)
Fancy Decor: Adler Desk (Land of Rainbows Hunt – begins 3/24)
Fancy Decor: White/Gold Office Chair (Land of Rainbows Hunt – begins 3/24)
Serenity Style– Not Without My Egg (Land of Rainbows Hunt – begins 3/24)
Tuesdays Candlestick Frame Tall (Illuminate)
Tuesdays Bureau (Illuminate)
MI Pomme Decor gacha set (PocketGacha)
• 06 Notebook’s Decor
• 05 MI TJ Books & Map Decor
*PAN* Cinderella’s Princess Books
03 Fancy Decor: Bamboo Coffee Table (Royce Collection)
{vespertine}– exotic plants /sansevieria (FaMESHed)
{vespertine}– exotic plants / button fern (FaMESHed)
hive // potted plants . cordyline tree . pot b (Collabor88)
Apple Fall Rug
MudHoney Heidi Laptop
MudHoney Heidi Storage
MudHoney Heidi Magazines 1
MudHoney Heidi Magazines 2
tarte. mounted mason light (natural)


MI Pomme Decor Gacha Set

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