The art of living

Textiles are just the best. They really can make or break a space and, in this case, they totally made it, don’t you think? This set from Fancy Decor for Red Light District makes me want to reach out through my screen and feel it – the texture details are just stunning. I am super happy with how it complemented the aKa BarCode Villa build at Illuminate. Clean, fresh, inspiring. Just the way to begin a new week!

Rounding out this scene is Apple Fall’s gift set for the Finders Keepers Hunt (details are here) – there are not enough words to describe this gorgeousness. Don’t forget to stop by the new store and grab this prize before the hunt ends March 24th. And, speaking of hunts, Fourth Wall has this gorgeous LED wall lamp available at the Land of Rainbows Easter hunt beginning March 23 (available in 3 colors) – don’t miss it!

fd rld.png

The BarCode Villa by also Known as (Illuminate)
Fancy Decor: Classic Modern Collection (Red Light District)
• Chair
• Sofa
• Table
• Cowhide Rug
• Marble Sculpture
[FOURTH WALL] LED Wall Lamp (Aqua Light) (Land of Rainbows Easter Hunt – begins 3/23)
Apple Fall Finders Keepers Hunt prizes
• Argentinian Malbec
• Whiskey Decanter
• Wine Glasses
MudHoney Talia Drapes
dust bunny . guiana chestnut tree

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