Keep calm and eat a cupcake

I was speaking with an old friend last night and we were reminiscing about a shopping we had in Salt Lake City a few years ago. They had just renovated the downtown area and we stumbled across the cutest little cupcake bakery midway through our shopping spree. Great timing for this Taikou release! The set includes the building (both the interior and exterior are shown here), counter, and so many different types of cupcakes and baked goods.

I have also used Nutmeg’s release at Red Light District (which, if you haven’t gone yet, is COMPLETELY worth a trip!), which includes the row of chairs, a bike rack, several different types and colors of bikes and a gift of a magazine. The bikes are scripted to either use as decor or to hold/carry. You’ll notice a St Patty’s Day themed print on the wall – this is one of a set that Granola. is releasing for the Finders Keepers Hunt – links are below 🙂

And, to round it all out, we have TLC’s hunt gift in the foreground – that chick is just adorable! The hunt begins tomorrow (March 23) at noon and has a spectacular line up of creators and gifts. Please, please don’t forget to check it out.

taikou bakery.png

taikou x attic / pastries set (Kustom9)
Nutmeg. Bike Rack (RLD)
Nutmeg. Bike Orange (RLD)
Nutmeg City Bench (RLD)
TLC Easter Egg Hunt Prize (LoR Easter Hunt – Begins 3/23)
Granola. Irish Ballad. Framed Art. (Finders Keepers Hunt)
ChiMia:: Old Bistro Chair
ChiMia:: Old Bistro Table
Nutmeg. Rattan Tote Carry, Light Blue
[Commoner] Carried Away / Shopping Bag and Shoe Box
Apple Fall Canvas Tote
hive // potted plants . gold dust dracaenas . pot a
{what next} Wall Hanging Plants
Schultz Bros. 05. Menu Boards
The Loft & ARIA – Rue Pendant Light Dark Bronze
Onsu ~ “Night Soil” Planter ~ G
6 [[RH]] HOLIDAY CAFE-Casher (touch)

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