Live passionately and love generously

Epiphanies sure come in strange forms sometimes, but I am thankful for them. The last few days, I have been struck by how easily I let things (and people) sap the joy out of things I love. This scene is one of those ‘centering’ scenes for me…therapeutic. I sat down, rezzed things I loved and made something with them – no additional thinking or stressing or considering anyone or anything else. Yes, I see several things I’d change now (ha! who doesn’t critique their own work), but I am happy with both my process and the outcome. That is what matters after all, no?

Today’s feature is the new Study Set by ..::THOR::.. at Uber. The more I played around with it, the more I fell in love. The chair is full of poses that are not the norm – I am such a pose snob and this was very fun to try out. The table itself has crazy fine detail, right down to paper clips and a charger. The screen is loaded with a usable web browser and screen savers. Overall, I am thrilled with the set and highly encourage you to go check it out.

Also featured are a couple of releases from [Con.] at The Clique and Illuminate. The Sun Chair comes in both brown and white – I am totally digging the shape! The textures, as usual for [Con.], are absolutely perfect….slightly weathered and a nice mix of linen, leather and metal. His Equation boards are texture change on clicking – there’s the version with writing (shown here) and another blank version. The Naptime Bookcase is an older release, but is currently available at Illuminate, also.

Rounding out the scene is Cheeky Pea’s Allison bedroom set at The Clique. I prefer darker colored bedding with lots of texture and layers, so this set really spoke to me. I think my favorite piece are the frames leaning against the wall – the weathered look just works so well. Don’t forget to check out this fun new one-time event, also!

Happy Decorating ♥

thor study.png

..::THOR::.. Study Set (Uber)
• iPear Pc Study Desk
• Study Armchair
• Study Wall Lamp
brocante. laptop table / oxidized
[Con.] Equation boards (The Clique)
[Con.] Naptime Bookcase (Illuminate)
[Con.] Sun Chair – A – Brown (Illuminate)
:CP: Allison Bed Set (The Clique)
• Bed
• Floor Frames
• Night Table
• Hanging Ladder
Apple Fall Tribal Print Rug
Apple Fall Argentinian Malbec
Apple Fall Wine Glasses
Apple Fall Whisky Decanter
dust bunny . fiddle leaf tree

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