Trying something new today and stretching a comfort zone 🙂 It was so much fun working with different lighting for this photo! I hope you all enjoy it.

I am featuring several things today, starting with the BackBone Quickie phone booth at RLD. For those moments when it just can’t wait 😉 It’s a beautiful booth and comes in two colors, fully loaded with all the animations you could possibly need. I’ve also included the Nutmeg benches again, also from RLD, because they’re just that versatile. Scripted and weathered just right, these really do fit anywhere.

For the builds, Taikou has released a new group gift this month and the backdrop is on the right side of the photo. It has a resize script and is beautifully textured. Bueno has also released a new set of loft buildings, pictured in the front, at Uber. There’s also a tp point that takes you up into the loft itself, where it’s textured as a club. Be sure to go to the demo platform since there are 3 versions of it!

Happy Decorating!

bueno loft3.png

BUENO-NightSpot Loft Build-Decay (Uber)
BackBone – The Quickie Booth – Silver (RLD)
taikou / after dark backdrop (group gift)
Nutmeg. City Bench (RLD)
Nutmeg. Bike Rack (RLD)
Nutmeg. Bike Broken White&Stickers (RLD)
NOMAD // Barrel Fire Blue

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