Goonies never say die

We have had sunshine for almost a solid week now! I am beginning to think Spring could actually be here…knock on wood.

Featured today is the fabulous [mAr] Brewery Set available at Man Cave until April 1 (then at the mainstore). I love how versatile this is – there are a LOT of pieces to choose from, including a texture change backdrop (optional) and a set of vats that is loaded with poses (see the ad below for a sample of poses). The crates are also scripted to sit, plus the drinks come with a giver script, so everyone can enjoy an ice cold beer. You really can do anything with this set and you all know what a sucker I am for combining wood and metal in a set…

I have also included the N4RS Ottoman, which is a brand new group gift (that coincides with the new mainstore opening – don’t forget to check it out!). The ottoman is texture change, sits 2 and has some really fun Friends poses. Rounding out the scene is [ zerkalo ]’s new Tattooed Sofa at Shiny Shabby. They are once again killing it in the texture department – it looks well worn and comfortable enough to sleep on (not that I make a habit of sleeping on sofas, but you know..).

Happy Decorating!

mar brewery.png

N4RS Ottoman (Group Gift – March)
[mAr] The Brewery Set (Man Cave) **see ad below**
• The Brewery with Poses
• Wood Crate Empty
• Beer Bottle – Giver (REZ) ***
• Empty Beer Bottle – Giver (REZ)***
• Mug Of Beer – (REZ)
• Beer Server / Mug Giver **
• Wood Crate with Bottles (Giver)**
• Wood Bucket
• Wood Box with Animations
• Barrel Table
• Wood Box – Big
• Wood Box – Small
[ zerkalo ] Tattooed Sofa (Shiny Shabby)
N4RS Providence Loft – Skybox
(Milk Motion) planks wall (Uber)
(Milk Motion) planks and bricks (Uber)
(Milk Motion) paint buckets (Uber)
[ zerkalo ] Last Refuge – Supply Shelf
[Con.] Storage Finds – Gum Vending – Grey
MadPea MGMR – Step Ladder
Soy. Cigarette and ashtray


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