Find your calm

Happy Easter, everyone! I’m home today getting caught up on housework and blog work 🙂 I’m also so excited to show you this new DRD release.

The Boho Bean Coffee Shack is available at Uber and it’s kind of to die for, folks. It comes with individual pieces and also a soft linked set. I’m considering making this my home office in SL – what a great place to kick back and get some work done!

Also featured are a couple of FaMESHed releases – from [ keke ] and Little Branch. [ keke ] has an absolutely perfect little garden fence set that comes in two colors (grey and white), as well as two styles (new and old). It pairs really well with their prior grass and Easter flower releases, as you can see here. The tree is Little Branch’s new Black Olive tree and is easily my favorite one, to date. Beautiful textures, as usual, plus four season color change hud.

Happy decorating!

drd coffee shop.png

-DRD- Boho Bean Coffee Shack (Uber)
[ keke ] garden fence set (FaMESHed)
LB_BlackOliveTree{Animated}4Seasons (FaMESHed)
[ keke ] wild lilies – big – yellow
[ keke ] Aquilegia 3 . yellow
[ keke ] swaying grass . summer
REIGN.– Summer Roadtrip Droptop WHITE

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