Ironwood Hills opened their newest game/event on April 1 – it’s called Paranoia and it’s pretty darned fun. Their game last fall was the first one I’ve actually played start to finish, so I was very excited to hear about this one and to be able to blog it, also!

When you tp to the sim, you’ll land in front of a large circus tent surrounded by booths. The booths contain exclusive items from some of your favorite creators (you can purchase these completely separate from the game) – the game is accessed by a tp door in the tent. Be sure to grab your hud and flashlight before you tp!

Once in the game, just follow the story and hints in the hud to find the items needed in order to move forward in the game. After you’re all done, you’ll have access to 31 prizes in the event area. I’ve included some additional photos below 🙂 You can find event news here and a list of items available here.

Featured today is the fabulous Under Construction Penthouse by Milk Motion. It comes with both the penthouse itself (complete with unfinished drywall, electrical wiring hanging about and paint curtains), along with a handful of well crafted props to place where you like. This really is a photographer’s dream and I’m sure I’ll be coming back to it soon.

From Paranoia, we also have sets from ..::THOR::.. and *pm*. Thor’s set is the mattress/chair/lamp/paper and is their exclusive for the event portion. *pm* has their city signs out as free game prizes (fresh/faded/bloody options).

Happy Decorating!

milk motion construction.png

(Milk Motion) under construction penthouse set (Uber)
..::THOR::.. Paranoia Set (Ironwood Hills – Paranoia)
• Chair
• Lamp
• Mattress
• Sheets
*pm* City Ord. Signs (Ironwood Hills – Paranoia prize)
• No Jumping Off Bridge
• Spitting on Sidewalks Prohibited


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