You attract what you feel

Today was such a rough day. I had high hopes when I got my first full night of sleep in weeks…but when I locked myself out of my apartment and my car within an hour of waking up, I knew it was taking a left turn. Note to self: get a hide-a-key.

For today’s post, I decided to do something a little bit different. This is my home 🙂 I re-arranged things a bit for staging, but I am very happy with how cozy it looks. We all know that Apple Fall makes incredible furniture and decor. The details are always exquisite and the textures are just so realistic. For me, though, the thing that stands out the most is how effortless it all looks. Nothing ever feels forced or overdesigned. His items create a calming atmosphere and this is what I want in my home. Thus, the change in venue for this post 🙂

I am also featuring [ keke ]’s light bubble set, which I am absolutely in love with. They come in various colors and lengths – completely customizable for your space. In my loft, especially, I like to have these kinds of details around that do not feel bulky or close the space in too much. They’re the perfect pop of detail and lighting for my taste.

Happy Decorating!

af fulwood4.png

Apple Fall Fulwood Collection (FaMESHed)
• Fulwood Chair
• Althea Rug – Antique Dark
• Aspidistra in Wicker Planter
• Books
• Cosmos Flowers
• Designer Hat Box
• Leather Strapped Trunk
• Reclaimed Corbel Shelf
[ keke ] light bubble set (FaMESHed)
Dynamic Evolution: Loft D-5 – The Lofts At CedarStone
MudHoney Talia Pouf – Fatpack
Nutmeg. Just a bunch of pillows 1
dust bunny . elephant ear plant
.little fox. – Jane’s set ALL MAPS
.little fox. – Botanical living Watering can
.little fox. – Botanical living Prints
AF Tea Time Tins
Second Spaces – Flea Market Finds – vintage lunch boxes
..::THOR::.. Get Inspired! – Potted Succulent 1
..::THOR::.. Get Inspired! – Potted Succulent 2
{vespertine}– potted pink echeveria
{vespertine}-rainbow succulent bowl
{vespertine}– exotic plants /sansevieria

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