Be the game changer

I was editing this photo when it occurred to me….my girls are in one photo! Well, their creations, at least (minus one – but Hattie is here in spirit♥). I’ve had such the privilege of getting to know a group of creators one on one this year and am just so impressed with their drive, character, creativity and love. Keep being you!

Happy Decorating!

peaches swing2

.peaches. Sweet Spring Swing (mainstore)
Ariskea[Perly] (Spring Flair)
Dahlia – Pluvio Set (Deco(c)rate – April)
Sari-Sari – Garderobe (Deco(c)rate – April)
Serenity Style– Mozart Spring Set (Deco(c)rate – April)
Shabby Greenhouse * CHEZ MOI
{vespertine} room plants (Collabor88)
[ zerkalo ] Spring Dream (GachaLand) **see gacha key below**
ACORN Violin
ACORN Book & Clock Stack -EM


[ zerkalo ] Spring Dream - Gacha Key


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