Her heart was a secret garden

Spring cleaning is in full gear in my household this week. No floorboard or window is exempt. It feels great to get things done (and I admit I ‘spring’ clean twice a year, minimum), but I am craving time outside. This makes exterior scenes in SL even more fun 🙂

Today I have a bit of an eclectic collection of releases for you to enjoy. First up is Eleventh Hour’s Greenhouse Shed coming to Illuminate on the 18th. I wish I knew what this style of windows are called because I absolutely love them. It’s hard sometimes to make a wall of glass look interesting and they’ve nailed it with this build.

I also have a few more Bloom releases for you! TLC’s Forever My Dove set includes 2 doves (slightly different textures) and also that beautiful wall on the left with the fountain. Talk about gardening heaven! I thought it paired nicely with !igO!’s picnic set here in the front and also with *Pan*’s Yard Spinner, also at Bloom. The yard spinner is animated, so I couldn’t capture it with a photo completely, but it comes in a variety of colors and spins beautifully.

Rounding out the photo are Ariskea’s rustic chic Dairy set out at Kustom9 (rustic chic needs to be more of a thing, I’m in love) and also Raindale’s newest Enter the Forest gacha set at The Epiphany (I’ve included the exclusive prize here, also – the gorgeous well in the center). I think my favorite piece of this set is the tree and swing – be sure to check out the gacha key below for all of it!

eleventh hour shed

Eleventh Hour: The Greenhouse Shed (Illuminate)
!gO! GardenParty – box buffet (Bloom)
!gO! GardenParty – strawberry cupcakes (Bloom)
*PAN* Yard Spinner (Bloom)
TLC Forever My Dove set (Bloom)
Raindale – Enter the Forest gacha set (The Epiphany) **see gacha key below**
• bench (wood)
• stool (wood & moss)
• table
• table lights (blue)
• tree with seat (VIP reward)
• Wishing well- Epiphany Prize
Ariskea[Dairy] Little Set (Kustom9)
• Plank Box
• Sage Container
• Sage Container Empty
*alirium* Hermit [Green]
*alirium* Titan [OldGold]
*alirium* DwarfForest [OldGold]

Enter the Forest gacha ad


One comment

  1. Moz Loordes says:

    Lovely scene, Trixie, and those doves get around!


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