Junkyard Brewery

Happy Humpday to everyone out there 🙂

Today I’m featuring a few industrial sets. First up is DRD at the very first round of FaMESHed Go (a super fun, HUD driven monthly event where you earn rewards and purchase items from a mainstore). The armchair you see on the left is available in both blue and red and it’s a gift! I really adore the rest of the set, especially the drum tables and chairs. There’s something about re-purposed furniture that just makes it more fun, am I right?

I also have 2 [ zerkalo ] releases here for ya – the graffiti garage door and the camera are available at the Man Cave (the door is also scripted adult). The Military Hideout gacha key is below so you can see all the items listed in one place – it’s out now at Kustom9. This is seriously a GREAT set to keep on hand – very versatile.

The finishing touch here is brocante.’s newest gacha release at The Epiphany – Vintage Beer. There are tons of pieces, so again, please refer to the key below for all of it. I’ve included some individual cans and jugs plus the Epiphany exclusive prize here for you to see. Super fun labels and great texturing, as always.

Happy Decorating!

drd junkyard2.png

DRD – Junkyard Corner Set (FaMESHed Go)
• Bar Shelf
• Stool – Blue
• Stool – Red
• Table
• Wall Shelf
• Armchair – Blue (Go Gift)
[ zerkalo ] Garage Camera (Man Cave)
[ zerkalo ] Garage Door (Man Cave)
[ zerkalo ] Military Hideout gacha set (Kustom9) **see gacha key below**
• Box A
• Command Post Sign
• Fan (RARE)
• Lamp
• Trash Bin
• Shelf
brocante. vintage beer gacha set (The Epiphany) **see gacha key below**
• pale ale
• happy ending
• growler fill me RARE
• beer can crate (exclusive item)






  1. Moz Loordes says:

    Well if you were locked up in your garage, at least you’d be fully refreshed! Great post, Trixie 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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