Say yes to new adventures

TGIF! I have lots to go over today, so I’ll jump right to it 🙂

First up is hive’s FLF release for 4/20 – they always have FLF items out through Sunday evening, so you’ve got a bit of time to make it down there. There are 2 sets of macrame hanging plants (3 plants each) – the difference is the pots 🙂 One set is naturals and one set is colors. For 50L each, this is a giant steal, so pleeeease don’t miss out. They’re beautiful. Plus, I mean, it’s hive ♥

Next is VOID Home’s gacha at Epiphany. Classy, chic and minimal, in true VOID form. I love every single piece – the chair you see on the right is the Exclusive reward for this round. I’ve included a gacha key below so you can see the entire set. And speaking of gachas, we also have ..::THOR::..’s Illuminate release here! I was joking with a friend that this hamburger was making me hungry just looking at it! The jukebox is preloaded with GREAT tunes and the cup and burger both have giver scripts. Each item is so well crafted, plus there are wall pieces included to assist in building your space – check out the gacha key below for all of it 🙂

.peaches. N21 release is up next – a super cute and super detailed little 3 piece artist set. The textures are just gorgeous and I immediately put them in my own home. N21 opens on the 21st, so the LM may not work before then, just a heads up 😉 Rounding out the scene is Dahlia’s Trunk Show release – the floral centerpieces scattered throughout the room. There are so many color and metal options to choose from, it’s insane. I can see these being used for both fancy and casual chic spaces, so I’m sure everyone who buys will get a ton of use out of them – I know I will.

Happy Decorating!

void epiphany3.png

hive // macrame hanging plant set (2 sets of 3 plants) (Fifty Linden Friday 4/20)
• white
• sunshine
• stone
VOID Home Epiphany gacha set (Epiphany) **see gacha key below**
• Quilted Leather Couch
• Quilted Leather Chair (Exclusive)
• Varsity Clock
• Pipe Table
• Book Stack
• A-Frame Shelves
• Clamped Frame
• Cage Lamp
• Permanent Daylight Lamp
• Rubber Plant
..::THOR::.. Live Love Eat gacha set (Illuminate) **see gacha key below**
• Sauces
• Hamburger (giver)
• Coffee Paper Cup (giver)
• Sausage & Fries
• MiniJuke Shuffle ULTRARE
• Wall Cast Iron Lamp RARE
• Diner Industrial Stool
Dahlia – Jacqueline Centerpieces set (Trunk Show)
• Peach / Silver
• Blush / Rose Gold
• Peach / Silver
• Cream / Silver
.peaches. Creative Courage – Shabby Easle (N21)
• Shabby Easel
• Brush Jar
• Artist Palette
MudHoney Judy Throw Pillow
dust bunny . guiana chestnut tree
PILOT – Tablet and Glasses [watercolor]
Apple Fall Althea Rug – Antique Light
[Con.] Groves Modular Bookcase inserts
llorisen // simeon lodge


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