Fresh air and sunshine

I am a country girl, through and through. I live in a mountainous area with a thriving farming community nearby – pretty much my dream location ♥ All of the releases today represent this and I’m excited to show them off!

RJD’s Fairview Barn is pretty epic. Classic red on the outside, floor to ceiling windows in classic RJD style, brick texturing inside, plus those gorgeous ceiling beams. There’s a giant great room, plus several smaller rooms and it is very easy to customize.

TDE’s Rustic Cabin is also at Illuminate and comes in 2 different shades of wood (dark is shown). When I think ‘cabin’, this is exactly what comes to mind. It’s a roomy one room, well textured build and is just all around beautiful.

Basil’s Belton Bench was the perfect finishing touch for this scene. It is adorable! Very well made, beautiful textures, plus a color change menu. The detailing on the back is just gorgeous. Please don’t forget to stop by Illuminate soon! LM’s are below.

Happy Decorating!

rjd barn.png

RJD Fairview Barn 2.0 (Illuminate)
TDE ~ Rustic Cabin ~ Dark (Illuminate)
.BASIL. Belton Bench (Illuminate)
floorplan. cauldron firepit
“Moon_Sha” Dirt Road Nature 2 – Straight Curvy
(Mesh)HPMD* Sweet Garden Grass07
*alirium* DwarfForest [OldGold]
Botanical – T2C Sugar Maple B
[we’re CLOSED] paper lanterns white L V2
[we’re CLOSED] summer flowers
[we’re CLOSED] wild flowers lavender
[we’re CLOSED] white flowers

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