Dream a little dream

Today’s feature is Ex Machina’s Tesla Lamps collection available tomorrow at FaMESHed. Never have lights made me so excited! There are 3 in the main set (table, table lamp and wall lamp), plus a standing lamp that will not be sold after this event. As always, the detail is just impeccable. There are two versions of each piece – both have the animation of the light, but one of them has the animation with no actual light emitting from it (which was perfect for this photo). You can almost hear the buzzing sound I’m sure such a lamp would make – please please make your way to FaMESHed before it ends. You won’t be disappointed.

em lamps4.png

Ex Machina – Tesla Lamps Signature Collection (FaMESHed)
• Standing Light (exclusive – will not be sold after this event)
• Table
• Table Lamp
• Wall Lamp
Ex Machina Atlas 1 – Terrestrial Globe
Ex Machina Birokrat 3 – SIlver version
Ex Machina Birokrat 4 – wood version
Ex Machina Metal Letters
Ex Machina Birokrat 2 – Bookkeeping desk
Ex Machina Kopernikus Star Machine by Ex Machina
22769 – Victorian Desk Chair – COMMON
hive // kentia palm plant
{vespertine}– exotic plants / button fern
Kalopsia – Flying Paper
llorisen // “TR:RX” oscilloscope.blue
llorisen // “TR:RX” signal generator
llorisen // “TR:RX” ham radio
oyasumi / maps
Apple Fall Books & Map
Apple Fall Violet Glass Bottles
[PM]Pixel Mode – The Heights Studio Apartment

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