Life is too short to be at war with yourself

I’ve spent the last couple of days hiking, shopping and eating – I feel like it’s the best of ALL worlds 😀  Next week, I have a spa day planned for myself, so it seemed appropriate to use this gorgeous spa set from N4RS out at FaMESHed.

The dividers come in two versions – regular and transparent – and are very easy to customize for your space (you rez one panel at a time).  The table itself is available in PG and Adult versions, plus the candles light up (even with little wisps of smoke!). I don’t know about you, but well made bottles and towels are the stuff of dreams for my inventory – you’ll not want to miss this set.

Dust Bunny’s hanging plants are just feeding my plant frenzy – come join me ♥ The rope lengths are modifiable, so you can suit it to your ceiling with no problems.

Happy Decorating!

n4rs massage

N4RS Spa Massage Set (FaMESHed)
• Agave Shawii
• Candles – blue, green, natural, pink
• Massage Oil – blue, green
• Spa Massage Table
• Spa Screen (regular and transparent)
• Spa Side Table
• Spa Towels
• Spa Towels – Fleur de Lis
• Weave Basket
dust bunny .hanging plants set (FaMESHed)
• cheese plant
• double planter
• spider planter
[Merak] – Abandoned Moroccan House

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