Perfectly imperfect

6 Republic opened yesterday and I hope you all get a chance to stop by – there is a massive selection of really great things (it closes May 20). Please see the credits below for details – I had a lot of fun with this one since the Mojave Desert is my old stomping grounds 🙂

Happy Decorating!

thor mojave.png

7 – Mapleton (mainstore release)

at 6 Republic:

..::THOR::..Mojave Refuge Arizona
..::THOR::..NOWHERE Sign
-ANHELO-P02BR-185GA :: bush and hedge (brown)
-ANHELO-P01FP-185A :: shed side tree (brown)
[P&W] [ Broken M-TANG ] BLACK V1
MadPea Missouri Mystery Motel – Toilet **see gacha key below**
~isil~ *Maine* Lobster Crate (Yellow)
~isil~ *Maine* Lobster Crate (Blue)
~isil~ *Maine* Lobster Crate (Bare)
IDEZA – Oxidized Stool – Blue **see gacha key below**
IDEZA – Oxidized Stool – White
APT B // Hillbilly Livin’ – Mailbox
APT B // Hillbilly Livin’ – 24 Beers Sign
APT B // Hillbilly Livin’ – Wash Bucket


7_TLC Meerkat Pups Playing_Common
Soy. Abandoned Memorys – Bicycle [Yellow]
HPMD* Rock 2014 – dark/S
(Milk Motion) cactus 1
..::THOR::.. 9- The Flying Leaves


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