Take me out to the ballgame

This scene came to my the second I saw Ex Machina’s wip. Field of Dreams is one of my all time favs, and although I don’t watch baseball or football, the whole Americana idea of farm fields and hometown sports teams tugs at the heart strings.

I have several 6 Republic sets featured today – be sure to check out the list below for everything.

6 republic baseball.png

at 6 Republic until May 20:
hive // old tractor . brick mix
hive // old tractor . sky mix
not so bad . TEXAS . windmill . copy
Dynamic Evolution: Wisconsin – Red Horse Barn
Ex Machina: Boston Baseball Scoreboard
C L A Vv. Beer **see gacha key below**
C L A Vv. Corn and Mashed Potato
C L A Vv. Fried Chickens
C L A Vv. BBQ Sauces
C L A Vv. American Pie RARE
15 [MB] BOURBON -Bourbon Server-  **see gacha key below**

[Schultz Bros.] V1.2 Picnic Table – Old Wood
hive // rick’s truck [white]


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