If these trees could talk…

It’s cool, windy and rainy today – pretty much perfect for May! My family was in town last week and we spent time looking through a cemetery for a couple of headstones. It was calm, beautiful and relaxing – I wanted to bring that vibe into this photo and I think it worked. It sounds a bit morbid, I know, but browsing headstones is one of my favorite ways to spend an afternoon…thinking of all the stories behind the names and dates.

The Old Plantation Chapel from N4RS is available now at 6 Republic and is the perfect amount of dilapidation – there’s even a few pieces of siding hanging off in certain places. The inside is spacious and open – I added some ivy on the exterior walls and also used a couple of trees from Little Branch and Studio Skye – the Sakura tree on the right and the Bur Oak tree on the left. They are both fabulous and include an easy to use color change menu for the seasons. Skye’s Sakura tree also includes versions with and without the base.

Happy Decorating!

n4rs chapel2.png

N4RS Old Plantation Chapel (6 Republic)
LB_BurOak{Animated}4Seasons (FaMESHed)
Skye Sakura Tree (with base)
[Merak] – Black Iron Gate & Fence
HPMD* Garden Vine01 – paleGreen E
HPMD* Shrub02 – pink c
HPMD* Garden Vine01 – smokyPink F
HPMD* WildGrasses – a
HPMD* Garden Vines – Orange
HPMD* Rock 2014 – dark/L1

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