Peace amidst the storm

We’ve almost made it through another week! This scene has a little bit of everything, including 6 Republic, Deco(c)rate and Builder’s Box – please be sure to review the credits below for all of it. The Deco(c)rate theme for May is Shabby Chic and I am so impressed with each and every release – definitely a must have! I have included additional photos of this adorable skybox from Dynamic Evolution for Builder’s Box, also, below the credits. I love it – it’s roomy and cozy at the same time – not an easy feat 🙂

Happy Decorating!

attic skybox

Dynamic Evolution: Attic Living Space (Builder’s Box – May)
MudHoney Cale Set (6 Republic)
• Cale Wall Decor
• Cale Ottoman
• Cale Sofa
•  Cale Vase 1
•  Cale Vase 2
•  Cale Vase 3
•  Cale Rug
{MVC} Corner Shelf bright texture
Sari-Sari – Laundry Corner (Deco(c)rate – May)
Serenity Style- Trixie Shabby Set (Deco(c)rate – May)
• Cabinet
• Chair
MI Shinny Shabby Cabinet (Deco(c)rate – May)
llorisen // rosette end (Deco(c)rate – May)
BackBone Shabby Chic set (Deco(c)rate – May)
• Light Blue Chair
• Light Blue Table
• Vase of Roses
[ keke ] spring collection
• tea tin sprout
• vintage tea tin – green
• trays w paper whites
• watering can
• wall flower – lily
dust bunny . hanging plants . double planter
dust bunny . potted dragon tree
MudHoney Talia Rug
MudHoney Talia Pillows
{vespertine}-rainbow succulent bowl
{vespertine}– potted pink echeveria
Dahlia – Jocelyn – Mirror – Rosegold
Dahlia – Jocelyn – Decorative Garden Stool – Set B – Coral
Fancy Decor: Capsule Book Stack


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