Beauty without grace is the hook without bait

tlc chickensSL.png

[ keke ] allium (mainstore)
• wild allium blush 3
• wild allium white 1
• wild allium white 2
• wild allium white 3
LB_PoplarTree.v2{Animated}*4Seasons (Illuminate)
TLC Chicken Gacha set (Illuminate)
*PAN* Stone Wall Kit (Cosmopolitan) **see ad below**
• Stone Wall Sloped (with post)
• Stone Wall small
No.59: Hous Nr.7 Bungalow (Home & Garden Expo) **interior photos below**
Simple Reflections Mailbox Nautical (Home & Garden Expo)
The Olde Attic – Tulip Buoy (Home & Garden Expo)
EED Home & Garden – DUTCH TOUCH of SPRING (Home & Garden Expo)



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