Keep your friends close and your farmer closer

Roadside produce stands are beginning to pop up here and there where I live. In a month or so, the bigger semi-permanent ones will be set up and in two months, the farms will open up for ‘pick your own’ days….heading straight into the climax of Autumn festivities. I could go and on, but suffice to say this was the inspiration for the photo below.

Featured today is ACORN’s adorable Garden Cabinet at FaMESHED and floorplan’s offering for Fifty Linden Friday (open through Sunday night) – the market sign and fencing kit. All are great additions to any garden space – and I love that the garden cabinet comes with all the clutter attached (I have zero patience for placing things, trust me). Little Branch’s new Tulip Tree is also here and is available at FaMESHed now. Clickable season change menu and it has the prettiest little yellow blooms ♥

Also featured are 4 gacha sets from current round of The Arcade. I completely fell in love with all of these! I have included gacha keys for everything below and let me just say…I wish we could bite into all this scrumptious fruit from Mesh India! Everything looks so realistic, I seriously have a mad watermelon and cherry craving right now. From Moss&Mink’s windy beach set to Sese’s amazingly detailed kitchen clutter to Goose’s rustic stools and tables, I just love the life and energy all of these sets exude together. The Arcade is open til June 30th, so if you can’t get in now, you’ll have plenty of time!

Happy Decorating!

arcade marketSl.png

ACORN Garden Cabinet (FaMESHed)
floorplan. cottage fencing kit / sunbleached (Fifty Linden Friday 6/1)
floorplan. farmer’s market sign (Fifty Linden Friday 6/1)
LB_TulipTree{Animated}Seasons (FaMESHed)
MI Fruit Stand Decor (The Arcade – June) **see gacha key below**
• Watermelon Box
• Orange Basket
• Purple Grapes Basket
• Pineapple Boat RARE
• Cherry Tray
• Red Apple Box
• Green Apple Box
{moss&mink} Beach Bunny set (The Arcade – June) **see gacha key below**
• Shelter (gold)
• Kite (pink)
GOOSE – Garden wine bar (The Arcade – June) **see gacha key below**
• high table
• stool with pillow
• stool
• large windscreen
Sese – Garden Kitchen set (The Arcade – June) **see gacha key below**
• Outdoor House RARE
• Apricot Pie
• Strawberries Set
• Table
• Chair
• Bench & Decorations RARE
• Wood Box & Flowers
• Three Lamps
• Wall Flowers
• Wall Shelf with Jam
• Curtain
• Worktop & Sink
• Balance & Books
• Shelf with Mugs
• Shelf with Plates
HPMD* WildGrasses – a


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