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Not all who wander are lost

VOID – The Revelator Apartment (FaMESHed) BALACLAVA!! Dublin YH Bed (Deco(c)rate – March) CONVAIR Bibliophile Hall set (Deco(c)rate – March) • Hall Floor Clock • Book Stack – tall (Milk Motion) 60’s television – animated – green (Uber) 7 – Highway Safety Barrel (Fifty Linden Friday 3/9) 7 – No

Rise above it all

ACORN 4 Post Spring set (Shiny Shabby) MudHoney Heidi Office set (SaNaRae) dust bunny . velvet shell back chair . pink (Uber) Llorisen – Roselyn gacha set (The Arcade – March) **see gacha key below** Schadenfreude – Bunlets gacha set (The Arcade – March) **see gacha key below** +Half-Deer+ Corgi

It Never Ends

taikou / laundromat set (Uber) • coin washer • detergent bottle • detergent box • gas dryer – green & white • laundromat building • laundromat cart • messy laundromat cart • machine pipe A • metal table taikou / utility pole set (kustom9) MI Stop Sign Decor 1 (Ultra)

la buvette

Serenity style– la buvette gacha set (PocketGacha) **see gacha key below** Ex Machina – Pipe Dreams (Cosmopolitan) 7 – 25 Cent Shots Ex Machina – The Reflector – Projector Lamp BackBone Penny-Farthing Clock – Copper (Man Cave) Peaches ‘N Cream – Basic As Fuck. Fuckboy Say What? gacha set (The

Girl Boss

.peaches. Stand By You Papasan Chair (N21) Fancy Decor: Callot Collection (Uber) • Callot Cabinet • Callot Mirror • Pinecone Candle • Stack of Books II floorplan. neon girl boss (N21) MudHoney Briley Sofa set (VIP gift) uk – Simply Said gacha set • Bee’s Knees RARE • Karma RARE


N4RS Motel Bed (FaMESHed) N4RS  Vintage Bruxelle Rug (FaMESHed) 7 – Cassette Recorder REC909 7 – Pocket Television 7 – Micro Cassette Recorder MCR-11 7 – Ice Cold Neon – Flicker 7 – Fire Alarm Panel 7 – Missing Payphone N4RS Beer Bottle [decor] On me: *VanillaBae* The Boyfriend Shirt (strip

The Luckiest

.peaches. The Luckiest set – fireplace, chaise, basket, candelabras (Uber) At Tannenbaum: Fancy Decor: Black & White Ornament set **see gacha key below** Fancy Decor: Tree Decorations 2 set **see gacha key below** The Vordun: Delft Ornaments set **see gacha key below** [Con.] Winter Signage set Can’t Even – Jolly AF Can’t

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