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Destination: Roady’s

-DRD- Roady’s Biker Bar (Uber) brocante. historic route 66 sign (Uber) brocante. rt 66 motel sign (Uber) Skye Landforms Set2 Skye Scots Pine Forest hive // rick’s truck [white] {anc} NO LIMITS.old electric pole[natural]

What you imagine, you create

I have a confession to make – I may have gone slightly overboard with Bloom posts this month. But, I mean, it’s Bloom! Prism puts on my favorite SL events, hands down. Please, please make sure you have time to go check it out before they close up shop on

Junkyard Brewery

Happy Humpday to everyone out there 🙂 Today I’m featuring a few industrial sets. First up is DRD at the very first round of FaMESHed Go (a super fun, HUD driven monthly event where you earn rewards and purchase items from a mainstore). The armchair you see on the left

Live passionately and love generously

Epiphanies sure come in strange forms sometimes, but I am thankful for them. The last few days, I have been struck by how easily I let things (and people) sap the joy out of things I love. This scene is one of those ‘centering’ scenes for me…therapeutic. I sat down,

We’re all pretty bizarre. Some of us are just better at hiding it, that’s all.

  Ariskea [Otaku] Nerd Locker (The Clique) brocante. detention chalkboard (The Clique) Serenity Style- Igor Vintage Sports Gacha (The Clique) **see gacha key below** • Sports Ball • Backdrop • Baseball Equipment • Bench • Boxing Gloves RARE • Picture • Punching Bag (Milk Motion) old tv – on/static screen

Spring Cleaning

It is about that time of year again – spring cleaning! I can not get enough of cleaning, I tell ya. There’s something about scrubbing every baseboard and organizing every cupboard that is food for the soul. I do not have a yard to organize, though, so this is where

Just be you

{vespertine} vintage plants set (FaMESHed) • brass water can • button fern • ficus -rubber plant • pilea • sansevieria • handy step ladder / ivory paint • handy step ladder / walnut wood {vespertine} upcycled swing seats • rosemary / yellow paint • lorraine / brown paint LB_Bouton d’or

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