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What you imagine, you create

I have a confession to make – I may have gone slightly overboard with Bloom posts this month. But, I mean, it’s Bloom! Prism puts on my favorite SL events, hands down. Please, please make sure you have time to go check it out before they close up shop on

Listen to the rhythm of the falling rain

Rainy days are food for my soul. Which is probably a good thing, considering I live in the PNW. Life’s pace seems to slow almost to a halt and all I can think about is my next cup of tea and which knitting project I’ll work on next. Today’s scene


llorisen // hedwig apartment skybox (FaMESHed) ARIA – Eirwen Living Vignette (Deco(c)rate – December) Sari-Sari – Winter Logs (Deco(c)rate – December) Mudhoney Noelle Fireplace set (Deco(c)rate – December) ~~MudHoney Noelle Metal Tree – Pewter  ~~MudHoney Noelle Candle – Pewter  ~~MudHoney Noelle Cone Tree – Pewter Glitter  ~~MudHoney Noelle Fireplace –

The Luckiest

.peaches. The Luckiest set – fireplace, chaise, basket, candelabras (Uber) At Tannenbaum: Fancy Decor: Black & White Ornament set **see gacha key below** Fancy Decor: Tree Decorations 2 set **see gacha key below** The Vordun: Delft Ornaments set **see gacha key below** [Con.] Winter Signage set Can’t Even – Jolly AF Can’t

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