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It’s not what we have, but who we have

I get it that summery equals bright, sunny colors and that pools generally involve equally bright, playful colors…but I have to admit that they hurt my eyes after awhile. Give me an understated and sophisticated color palette any day! Which is why, I guess, I always go ga-ga over hive’s

Just dive in

[ keke ] bottle lights on a string – FaMESHed) • dark wood CONVAIR Summer Colas Set (FaMESHed) Granola. June’s Poolside Set (FaMESHed) • Pool Lounger Ver2PRINT BLACK • Pedestal Table. Dk. Trompe Loeil – Corazon Palm Chairs (FaMESHed) Trompe Loeil Corazon Patio Pool (FaMESHed) JIAN Splashy Spaniels set (The

Going Places

Happy Hump Day! I am working from my balcony today and wish my view was as lively as this 🙂 Lots of Arcade goodies for ya here, including the incredible Bueno Going Places set. These buildings are just stunning and include livable spaces inside, also. I’ve paired them with PLAAKA’s

Live Well

Lots to show you today! I was saving some of my favorites for this one and am so happy with the result. First up is MudHoney for Deco(c)rate – these drapes are gorgeous! They come with a sheer option, which i LOVE, and it’s texture change via a nice little

Say yes to new adventures

TGIF! I have lots to go over today, so I’ll jump right to it 🙂 First up is hive’s FLF release for 4/20 – they always have FLF items out through Sunday evening, so you’ve got a bit of time to make it down there. There are 2 sets of

Be unapologetically you

[Con.] Groves Modular Bookcase (FaMESHed) Fancy Decor: Norton Dining set (FaMESHed) • Dining Chair (wood) • Jug • Vase • Dining Table MI Whatever the Weather Saral Decor (Deco(c)rate – April) Fancy Decor: Leaning Art (Group Gift) Fancy Decor: Potted Succulent (Group Gift) Fancy Decor: Carriage Clock (brass) Fancy Decor:

Wake up and be awesome

:CP: Cody Workbench Set (N21) :CP: Essentials Range (FaMESHed) [IK] Training Room (Hipster Men’s Event) **see gacha key below** ..::THOR::.. Old’s Cool Biker Club ULTRARARE* ..::THOR::..Old’s Cool Hanged Jacket ..::THOR::..Old’s Cool – Ceiling Lamp Fan ..::THOR::..Old’s Cool Helmet Shelf ..::THOR::..Old’s Cool Bike Fuel Tank ..::THOR::..Old’s Cool Moto Clutch ..::THOR::..Old’s Cool

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