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You are something magical

Serenity Style– Country Spring Retreat (Illuminate) The Jewel Garden – Repurposed Set (Illuminate) • Drawer Shelf (Teal) JOSQCK by “sources” (Illuminate) [Merak] – Petitte Cabinet (Empty) {vespertine} – aromatherapy {vespertine} – beautify tray. {vespertine}– aloe vera plant. {vespertine}– hanging pothos. !ROIRO! – Hanging planter (Ivy Hedera) Apple Fall Bathroom Lotions

Just Breathe

This has been a crazy busy weekend for me so far – getting ready for company and vacation all at once. I snuck inworld for this photo and am so happy I did. Even when RL gets busy, SL allows me to be quiet for a bit (usually *laughs*). Lots

Stand up and speak out

[ keke ] huge cozy up vol. 3 (mainstore) :CP: Faith Set (Epiphany) **see gacha key below** Skye Warehouse Loft (mainstore) LAGOM – Travel Clutter gacha set (Shiny Shabby) • Bag • Shoes Sway’s [Jasper] Concrete Lamps XENO deer chair DJ/SF Bar – Old junk.apothecary chest tarte. cactus marquee (Uber)

…and relax

What is that t-shirt…Frankie Says Relax? Something like that, I’m not sure. But I had that on my mind when I built this scene *laughs*. I have some vacation time coming up and am so excited to spend some time on the beach. It won’t be warm yet (or probably

Wake up and be awesome

:CP: Cody Workbench Set (N21) :CP: Essentials Range (FaMESHed) [IK] Training Room (Hipster Men’s Event) **see gacha key below** ..::THOR::.. Old’s Cool Biker Club ULTRARARE* ..::THOR::..Old’s Cool Hanged Jacket ..::THOR::..Old’s Cool – Ceiling Lamp Fan ..::THOR::..Old’s Cool Helmet Shelf ..::THOR::..Old’s Cool Bike Fuel Tank ..::THOR::..Old’s Cool Moto Clutch ..::THOR::..Old’s Cool

No regrets, just lessons learned

I am very pleased to provide a preview of Deco(c)rate’s April box for you today! This is a peek at the spacious and beautifully designed [Schultz Bros.] cabin. It’s two floors and full of windows for days (in case you haven’t noticed, I’m a sucker for lots of windows). Don’t

Live passionately and love generously

Epiphanies sure come in strange forms sometimes, but I am thankful for them. The last few days, I have been struck by how easily I let things (and people) sap the joy out of things I love. This scene is one of those ‘centering’ scenes for me…therapeutic. I sat down,

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