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Cowboy Casanova

Fapple– The Casanova Shelf (The Men’s Department – opening Jan. 5) [Bad Unicorn] Cyn’s Cozy Cover Chair (FaMESHed) [Bad Unicorn] ‘Bad Unicorn 4’ HYPE-R ARCADE MACHINE Toro. Melbourne Glue gastrobar RARE [Con.] Blumenthal’s – Hydrant Stool – yellow DRD CS – The Joint Coffee Shop – Loveseat – Clean DRD

A Little Me Time

Fancy Decor: Plastic Side Table (Collabor88) *pm* Straight Curtains: Moroccan – Blue & Yellow Aged (Genre) [FOURTH WALL] Cabin Console (Limit8) Vagabond – Shino’s Console (Deco(c)rate – August) [ zerkalo ] Artist’s Corner gacha set (Whimsical) **see gacha key below** [ zerkalo ] Entwined Chandelier [Schultz Bros.] The Old Attic

Tell Me Your Favorite Song

[ zerkalo ] Once Upon a Time gacha set (Gacha Garden) **see gacha key below** brocante. ladder shelf (Fifty Linden Friday 8/4) floorplan. metal card catalog N4RS Swag Chaise Fancy Decor: Triangle Print 1 Fancy Decor: Triangle Print 2 *pm* Tapestry Throw Pillows – Slump: Eastern Oceans – Gold llorisen

Barn Living

*pm* Oasis Side Table – Blue & Purple (Home Show) [DDD] Summer’s Night Lighting (Home Show) llorisen // dunn barn conversion (FaMESHed) [ETNIA] Rustic Summer set (Home Show) Cwtch. Watercolour Plant Prints (Home Show) DJ / SF Mason Bed (Home Show) DJ / SF Hanging Headboard (Home Show) Kaerrie Solano

Keep Me

[ zerkalo ] Black & White gacha set **see gacha key below** RJD Pride Sofa – free gift (Second Pride – begins 6/23) floorplan. neon signs (Kustom9) floorplan. retro star marquee (Collabor88) BIGBULLY Sven Stools (white stool is a free gift) (SL14B) 11 BIGBULLY Skincare Store Oak Chair (The Arcade)

Sweetest Goodbye

VOID – Eugene’s Bed (FaMESHed) [ zerkalo ] Vintage Campaign Study gacha set **see gacha key below** The Vordun: View of Warsaw ..::THOR::.. Storybook Shelf & Books ..::THOR::.. Model Kit Box ..::THOR::.. Wood Toolbox Fancy Decor: Stamp Frame Fancy Decor: Vertical Candles Fancy Decor: Vintage Stamp Sign floorplan. route 66

A New York State of Mind


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