Give Thanks

galland pavilion2

Laurel Ridge Pavilion – Galland Homes (Ultra)
.:revival:. birdhouses (FaMESHed)
.:revival:. wood coffee bench (FaMESHed)
hive // string lights set (Fifty Linden Friday 12/1)
hive // summer’s rattan sofa [wood]
{vespertine} upcycled swing seats / colors (MP)
.peaches. The Luckiest – Candleabra with Candle (Uber)
Laurel Ridge by Galland Homes
.:revival:. rattan table
.:revival:. cozy stool linen (Deco(c)rate – November)
+Half-Deer+ Neatly Folded Blankets – Neutral
[ zerkalo ] Autumn Warmth – Lantern Candle
[ zerkalo ] Autumn Warmth – Marble Vases
15 Fancy Decor: Blue Vase
14 Fancy Decor: White Vase
{what next} Box of Cookies
[Merak] – Autumn Flower Bucket
[ETNIA] Breakfast in Old San Juan – Amapola Vase
[-BLUE SKY-] Garden Vase – White

The One You Call Home


:CP: Retha Nook Set (Uber)
Second Spaces: Retha’s Suspended Shelves (Uber)
Fancy Decor: Durer Collection (Uber)
[Kres] Studio 88 – Skybox (Ultra)
Thistle Open Book with Photos (cm)
Fancy Decor: Fireplace with Frames
Fancy Decor: Print Books
Fancy Decor: Fireplace with Frames
llorisen // trois pillows (2 pers.).mono
[ETNIA] Retro Chinoiserie – Mirror
KITE – The Hills Frames
:HAIKEI: Show You The Way_Gacha / {1}
*LODE* Decor – Philadelphus Vase
dust bunny . storybook living . black candlestick phone
dust bunny . potted jade plant
-tres blah- Eclectic Collection – Charmed Books
Apple Fall Plaster Horse
8. Apple Fall Roses Jug 1
Apple Fall Botanical Study 1
Apple Fall Open Book
4. Apple Fall Blanket Curio
Apple Fall Book Pile 2
Apple Fall Wild Thistles
Apple Fall Rosemary Pot
Apple Fall Sunbleached Setee (Ash Rose)
:CP: Herman Hanging Bulb
Kalopsia – Emily’s Hanging Planter

Barn Living

llorisen_barninterior (1)

*pm* Oasis Side Table – Blue & Purple (Home Show)
[DDD] Summer’s Night Lighting (Home Show)
llorisen // dunn barn conversion (FaMESHed)
[ETNIA] Rustic Summer set (Home Show)
Cwtch. Watercolour Plant Prints (Home Show)
DJ / SF Mason Bed (Home Show)
DJ / SF Hanging Headboard (Home Show)
Kaerrie Solano Living Room set (Home Show)
Thistle Homes Floral Jars (Home Show)
*pm* Tapestry Throw Pillows: Eastern Ocean
*pm* Tapestry: Eastern Oceans
{what next} Wall Hanging Plants
NOMAD // Steel Wallclock
16. DRD MB large bathroom mirror
Soy. Super long Hanging Hedera
[Tia] Masters Weekend Chair – Lamp
oyasumi / little globe
[Merak] – Vintage Storage Box
[Merak] – Travel Planning
dust bunny . areca palm plant
dust bunny . potted cheese plant
SAYO – Lost in Prague Set – Concrete Chandelier
15 – DRD – MM2 – Old Rug 1
[ETNIA] Dream Morocco – Black Dresser
floorplan. leaning chalkboards

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Stay Awhile

DRD backyard.png

-DRD- Boho Backyard set (Summerfest)
[ETNIA] Retro Chinoiserie – Mirror
11 – DRD – MM2 – Small Cabinet
3 – DRD – MM2 – Lamp big
15 – DRD – MM2 – Old Rug 5
22 – DRD – Vagabond – Wall Tiles
ionic : La Haciendita RARE
dust bunny . fiddle leaf tree (FaMESHed)
dust bunny . areca palm plant
dust bunny . potted cheese plant

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N4RS cafe small

Location: Hard Knot Life Office & Showroom

[ETNIA] Persian Rugs (Cosmopolitan)
[Tia] Rebecca’s Santo Table & Typewriter (FaMESHed)
N4RS Club Sofa (FaMESHed)
Serenity Style– Vintage Fan gacha set (The Project Se7en) **see gacha key below**
KITE – The Hexia Hall
{vespertine -used suitcase books}
Fancy Decor: Bonham Dining Table (FaMESHed)
Industrial Metal Chair CHEZ MOI
dust bunny . areca palm plant (FaMESHed)
floorplan. postcard collection / hipster
*ionic* theater speaker – wooden
Mori. mug cabinet RARE
IONIC : Apothecary sign


Serenity Style- Vintage Fan Key

Good Morning Beautiful

Etnia Vanity.png

[ETNIA] Retro Chinoiserie set (Vintage Fair)
[ zerkalo ] Angelique gacha set (Kustom9) **see gacha key below**
Kalopsia – Marlowe’s Cloche – Copper
Kalopsia – Marlowe’s Cabinet – Brown
dust bunny . potted bromeliad
dust bunny . potted cheese plant
dust bunny . wanderlust . rose teacup
[Merak] – Flower Bouquet
[Tia] Joon’s Rose and Hydrangea Cup
[Tia] Sylvia Bathroom – Water Jugs
[Tia] Pandora Chair
–ANHELO-M17MD-165GA :: garden hang shelf
{what next} Wall Hanging Plants
Apple Fall Victoria Clawfoot Tub – Iron
MudHoney Layla Stool – White


zerkalo angelique

Your Perfect Imperfections

days gone by

[Tia] Joon’s Bedroom (FaMESHed)
[ zerkalo ] Vintage Study gacha set (Whimsical) **see gacha key below**
dust bunny . woodland dreams . makeshift gazebo .
[ETNIA] Breakfast in Old San Juan – Amapola Vase
[Tia] Clockmakers Desk – Empty
~BAZAR~Paris – Wine set
Apple Fall Roses Box (Champagne)
Apple Fall ‘Still Life Observation’ w/ Dust Sheet
Apple Fall Stoneware Vessels
Soy. Super long Hanging Hedera
tarte. potted orchid
Kalopsia – Lily’s Planter set
dust bunny . woodland dreams . pillow ottoman
dust bunny . costal vases
dust bunny . woodland dreams . head planter

[ zerkalo ] Vintage Study - Gacha Key