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Girl Boss

.peaches. Stand By You Papasan Chair (N21) Fancy Decor: Callot Collection (Uber) • Callot Cabinet • Callot Mirror • Pinecone Candle • Stack of Books II floorplan. neon girl boss (N21) MudHoney Briley Sofa set (VIP gift) uk – Simply Said gacha set • Bee’s Knees RARE • Karma RARE

About Those Biscuits

floorplan. mind your own biscuits sign (FLF 11/17) Fancy Decor: Industrial Mirror HIDEKI – Shabby Chair Decor floorplan. ivy ampersand Second Spaces – Kitchen Collection – cookbooks [Con.] Cooper’s Armchair – A – White [Con.] The Nest – Twigs 22769 – Distressed Rug – COMMON dust bunny . yarn basket

Baby It’s Cold Outside

Serenity Style-Jojo Cozy Set (Deco(c)rate – November) • Cozy Armchair • Cozy Blankets Basket • Cozy Book & Mug • Cozy Hot Water Bag • Cozy Slippers Pewpew! Comfi Fur Beds (Deco(c)rate – November) .:revival:. cozy deco set (Deco(c)rate – November) • chalkboard • cozy stool linen • table 1

Let’s Do This

Fancy Decor: Dover Collection (Arcade) **see gacha key below** floorplan. night sky print / zodiacal light (FLF) floorplan. night sky print / moon eclipse (FLF) Onsu ~ “Eggplant” Exp. Skybox Fancy Decor: Aloe Phone Dock HIDEKI – Apartment Plant Kalopsia – Sam’s Trash Bin Kalopsia – Tamsin’s Paper Files Kalopsia

Life With You Makes Perfect Sense

Fancy Decor: Modular Outdoor Living Kit II (Summerfest) BIGBULLY Candles in a Box (mainstore release) VOID – Surfer Girl Garden pool (Summerfest) floorplan. vintage travel poster Fancy Decor: Davis Fence kit dust bunny . natural habitat 2 . fatpack (FaMESHed) dust bunny . teapot wind chimes dust bunny . darling

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