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It’s a love that has no past

Bonus to points to anyone who gets the lyrical reference in this post 🙂 The song was in my head while working on this scene. Today’s features are [Con.] and [ keke ], both available at Uber, as well as {what next} for Fifty Linden Friday. The record set by

Just Breathe

I live in an area where the sun is a distant memory 5-6 months out of the year. It was incredibly difficult to get used to, coming from the desert, but there’s a certain coziness that comes into play when you rely on interior lighting 24/7. I think that’s why

Rise above it all

ACORN 4 Post Spring set (Shiny Shabby) MudHoney Heidi Office set (SaNaRae) dust bunny . velvet shell back chair . pink (Uber) Llorisen – Roselyn gacha set (The Arcade – March) **see gacha key below** Schadenfreude – Bunlets gacha set (The Arcade – March) **see gacha key below** +Half-Deer+ Corgi

Searching for a reason to call home

:: N :: Fiona’s Attic Skybox, White (Builder’s Box – February) [ zerkalo ] Cart Daybed (Shiny Shabby) MI Samyukta Lamp Cabinet (Tres Chic) MudHoney Taryn Bar Cart (Trunk Show) Raindale – Cedarvale board set (Fly by Friday 2/23) [ zerkalo ] Weights and Measures of Love – Cups Lamp

California Dreamin’

{BE} Burger Diner Collection (Shiny Shabby) • Burger Set • Crate Stool • Crate Table • Sidewalk Sign ..::THOR::.. The Freak Shelter Gacha Set **see gacha key below** • White Surf • Wood Surf • Stoner Box • Slater Ashtray • Little Bongos • Tambourine • Boho Guitar • Long

Home is the nicest word there is

I have a thing for entryways. There’s something about that first impression you get from a home as you walk through the door. You suddenly know something about this person that you didn’t know before. I’m weird, I know. But this mini obsession pays off in SL! Especially when you

Prone to Wander

Raindale – Garwood Greenhouse (mainstore release) Serenity Style- Gio Vintage Car RARE (Shiny Shabby) **see gacha key below** ACORN Pedestal Stone Well hive // picnic area sign Serenity Style- Kynne Station Sign :Fanatik Architecture: Rock A **Photo taken on the beautiful Little Branch mainstore sim** You can visit here Landscape

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