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Inspiration Point

TGIF! I’m so excited to feature DRD’s Backyard Art Studio today. There are additional raw shots included below the credits so you can all the little details. It really is just the perfect little artistic corner – lots of clutter and inspiration, plus perfect rustic texturing (as usual for DRD,

Destination: Roady’s

-DRD- Roady’s Biker Bar (Uber) brocante. historic route 66 sign (Uber) brocante. rt 66 motel sign (Uber) Skye Landforms Set2 Skye Scots Pine Forest hive // rick’s truck [white] {anc} NO LIMITS.old electric pole[natural]

Just Breathe

This has been a crazy busy weekend for me so far – getting ready for company and vacation all at once. I snuck inworld for this photo and am so happy I did. Even when RL gets busy, SL allows me to be quiet for a bit (usually *laughs*). Lots

…and relax

What is that t-shirt…Frankie Says Relax? Something like that, I’m not sure. But I had that on my mind when I built this scene *laughs*. I have some vacation time coming up and am so excited to spend some time on the beach. It won’t be warm yet (or probably

It’s just us

Two avatar photos in one month and it’s only the 5th?? I know, playing on the wild side here. I’ll never be a fancy editorial fashion person, but I do enjoy using avatars to create a story for a scene. I was inspired when shopping at The Owl last night


Ironwood Hills opened their newest game/event on April 1 – it’s called Paranoia and it’s pretty darned fun. Their game last fall was the first one I’ve actually played start to finish, so I was very excited to hear about this one and to be able to blog it, also!

Find your calm

Happy Easter, everyone! I’m home today getting caught up on housework and blog work 🙂 I’m also so excited to show you this new DRD release. The Boho Bean Coffee Shack is available at Uber and it’s kind of to die for, folks. It comes with individual pieces and also

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